The use of secure communications, from messages to eSignature requests to workflow processes with clients and operators has grown enormously over the last 12 months and it’s been fantastic to see how firms are embracing their client portals as their primary tool for communicating with their clients, keeping information secure and ensuring that clients have a brilliant experience on whatever device they may be using.

The winner of this award embraced the idea of reducing paperwork, and building business processes where their portal is at the centre and a natural part of their everyday approach to client service.

Tessa Lee, Managing Director,

WINNER – Bromwich Financial Planning

Bromwich Financial Planning have been a moneyinfo client for over 5 years. The business was founded in 1991 and provides bespoke, independent financial advice grounded within a strong client relationship.

Managing Director Nigel Bromwich puts into his own words why working with moneyinfo has been such a success for the business:

“When we introduced our portal/app with messaging we decided to make it central to all our processes. The reason for its success is that we dedicated the time to introduce the portal/app on an individual basis to each and every client during the cycle of annual reviews. For many clients this involved a ‘leap of faith’ but through gentle education and guidance this has been repaid and they now have the ability to communicate with us wherever they are in a secure environment.

The age of users transcends generations from early 20’s to 80 plus and it has made clients feel more connected in the knowledge their communications are safe.

For all new clients at the point of engagement the portal/app is the integral part of communicating and sharing information as we built our clients ‘financial jigsaw’ in front of them and this has ensured it is adopted as the default way of communicating with bfp.

In a society that is continuously being challenged by cyber and financial crime it should be a Client right and an IFA’s responsibility to have a secure form of communication.”

Bromwich Financial Planning are a notable example of a team who have really embraced the technology and are realising the value by reducing cost and risk and delivering a wonderful experience for their clients. Congratulations from everyone at moneyinfo HQ.