As your financial architect we believe the only way to create a coherent financial structure which meets your objectives, is on the basis of a long term relationship.

Literally, for some of our clients ‘long term relationships’ means we work across all generations of the family. With a broader view across the family and future generations it is possible to ensure the wealth of the ‘Grandparents’ is handled in the most tax efficient manner, preserving wealth for future generations, whilst making certain that our clients still enjoy the fruits of their forward planning and hard earned savings, now.

In addition to working closely with your financial architect, you will also have a dedicated point of contact within our client services team who will assist you with the day to day issues.

Our Key Stages

In order to build a solid financial structure, bespoke to each of our clients, our services can be divided into five key stages. These are explained in greater detail as follows:

step 1Establishment

At the first step we will arrange an initial meeting to discuss your overall aims and objectives which will also give you the opportunity to find out more about bfp and to ask any questions you may have about our services. This initial consultation is offered free of charge with no obligation to continue any further should you wish.

step 2Report and Planning

We will start to explore with you in more detail, your financial circumstances and work with you to ensure your goals and timeframes are in line with your attitude to investment risk and the resources you have at your disposal. At the end of this stage we will prepare your financial proposal. This will set out the financial structure which we believe will give you the best opportunity to achieve your objectives, along with our recommendations on the course of action you should take.

step 3Implementation

Once you have had a chance to understand and discuss the financial proposal with us, then you are ready for the next step the implementation stage. We will co-ordinate all of the paperwork needed to implement our recommendations in your financial plan. Once these have been actioned, we provide you with the documentation to support any of the changes made on your behalf.

step 4Investment Management

This service is essential for those clients who would like ongoing management of their investments in line with their financial plan and investment risk profile. The scope of the ongoing investment management is bespoke for each of our clients and is defined by you. We will discuss and agree our ongoing services with you during the report/planning stage.

step 5Service and Reporting

The final key stage is the servicing and reporting of the financial arrangements in our care. The scope of this service is designed bespoke to your needs and we will discuss and agree the frequency of the servicing and reporting with you during the report/planning stage.